BestAddress HTML Editor

BestAddress HTML Editor 15.1

BestAddress HTML Editor lets you visually design and code your websites

BestAddress HTML Editor is a very easy to use complete application for editing and creating web pages.
The intuitive (MS Office style) user interface offers many functions in a single click reach. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) style makes easy to open, save, edit, and create web pages, by means of the buil-in own browser.

User can present several pages on the same application, so it is possible to copy and paste code from one to another or compare the performance of different codes.

Application offers easy ways for inserting background sound, date and time, Java applets, video, buttons, check boxes, forms, radio buttons, text areas, maps, etc. Tools for spelling check, html error correction, optimize HTML syntax for readability (inserting tabulators, etc.), special characters insertion, autosaving files every X (selectable) minutes, syntax color coding, etc.

The application includes also and internal utility, DigitalAccess FTP, for uploading pages to Internet servers without the need of using external programs to accomplish these tasks.

This software incorporates, as well, tutorials for beginners, technical support from its home web site and free updates.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Very complete tool for creating and aditing web pages. Internal browser and FTP facilities


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